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Seniors 50+ Programs

       Join us as we head to Snoqualmie and the   & BUDD BAY CAFE
       Railway Museum. We’ll step up to the ticket   In the predictable rainy Northwest, it
       window where travelers have purchased   makes sense to “flea” indoors. Fortunately,
       tickets since 1890. We’ll enjoy a 70-minute   Olympia’s Flea Market’s 8,000 square foot
       scenic ride that will include views of   forum is so full of finds you most likely won’t
       Snoqualmie Falls and Mt. Si. Price includes   notice the roof over your head. It’s located
       admission, train ticket and transportation.  in an industrial area and has a quirky yet
                                           hipster vibe full of antiques, knick-knacks,
       Ages 50–Above | $45 | 1 day         glassware, kitchenware, etc. Within walking   FRIDAY HARBOR
       ID#56732 | 5/6 | Sa | 9am–5pm                                           SAN JUAN ISLANDS
                                           distance, spend time at the Farmers’ Market
       BLOEDEL RESERVE/                    where you can shop for organic produce,   Join us as we tour one of the most beautiful
                                                                               places in the world. We’ll take the ferry
                                           local crafts, baked goods, meats, seafood,
       BAINBRIDGE ISLAND                   dairy products and plants while enjoying   over to Friday Harbor where we’ll explore
       Don’t miss this wonderful trip! Once again   the entertainment and delicious food. Price   San Juan Island.
       we’ll be traveling over to the Peninsula   includes lunch.              Ages 50–Above | $45 | 1 day
       and on to Bainbridge Island to visit this
       amazing 150-acre property known as   Ages 50–Above | $59 | 1 day        ID#56837 | 6/10 | Sa | 6am–6:30pm
                                           ID#56713 | 5/20 | Sa | 9am–4pm
       Bloedel Reserve. We’ll have a private tour                              COUPEVILLE/WHIDBEY ISLAND
       of the property before dining for lunch in   WENATCHEE’S PYBUS MARKET &
       downtown Bainbridge. As we make our                                     There is much to see and explore in this town
       return, we’ll catch the ferry over to Seattle   OHME GARDENS            and the surrounding area. Our adventure
       and head back to the center. Price includes   Pybus Public Market is one of Washington’s   will be to see and do as much as possible
       transportation, ferry toll, admission and   most unique destinations and is bursting   in the time we have on this great island.
       tour fees.                          with high quality selections of artisan   We’ll have plenty of time to explore and
                                           and ethnic products, locally grown fruits   have lunch at one of the local restaurants.
       Ages 50–Above | $45 | 1 day
       ID#56698 | 5/11 | Th | 8am–6pm      and vegetables, Washington wine, meats,   The ferry ride in itself is an adventure. Price
                                           flowers, oils, nuts, pastries and lots more!   includes transportation and ferry ride.
       LEAVENWORTH                         You’re sure to enjoy shopping and eating   Ages 50–Above | $42 | 1 day
                                           lunch at the independent merchants of the
       It’s time to see this forever lovely Bavarian   market. Following, we will explore a mile of   ID#56766 | 6/15 | Th | 8am–6pm
       style town again. We’ll see some great   natural stone pathways traversing hillside   HURRICANE RIDGE
       views as we go through the mountain   gardens with panoramic views at Ohme
       pass. We’ll visit some surrounding areas   Gardens before departing home. Price   PORT ANGELES
       for other adventures too. Price includes   includes transportation and admission fees.  Join us for a day of adventure and fun!
       transportation.                                                         Named for its intense gales and winds,
                                           Ages 50–Above | $42 | 1 day
       Ages 50–Above | $42 | 1 day         ID#56731 | 6/3 | Sa | 7am–6:30pm    Hurricane Ridge is a great spot to view
                                                                               the Olympic Mountains. At an elevation
       ID#56718 | 5/13 | Sa | 8am–6:30pm
                                           NEW DAY NORTHWEST                   of about 5,200 feet, you’ll feel like you can
       THE OLD GOAT FARM &                 WITH MARGARET LARSON                see the whole peninsula. After taking in
                                                                               some breath-taking views, we’ll spend
       WATSON’S GREENHOUSE                 This local talk show New Day Northwest   the rest of our time in Port Angeles. Price
       NURSERY                             focuses on people, activities and interests   includes transportation.
       The Old Goat Farm is a beautiful display   that make the northwest a great place to   Ages 50–Above | $38 | 1 day
       garden with a small specialty nursery   live. Host Margaret Larson talks to authors,
       located in Graham. The garden has a   musicians, fitness and health experts,   ID#56703 | 6/17 | Sa | 8am–6pm
       combination of sun and shade borders, 100   celebrities and sports stars, and we’ll be   RIDE THE DUCK—LAKE UNION
       domestic birds and 3 old goats. It’s a throw-  experiencing it first hand as part of the
       back to a simpler times. We will enjoy a   studio audience. Bring your camera; group   Enjoy this unusual and great way to see
       delicious Italian lunch at the Flying Tomato   photos with Margaret may be available.   Lake Union! After our tour of land and
       before exploring Watson’s Nursery on our   Enjoy a Caribbean style lunch at Bahama   water, we’ll find a great spot for lunch.
       way home. Price includes admission fees.  Breeze following the show.    This will truly be an adventurous day! Price
                                                                               includes ticket, parking and transportation.
       Ages 50–Above | $38 | 1 day         Ages 50–Above | $38 | 1 day
       ID#56727 | 5/18 | Th | 9am–4pm      ID#56716 | 6/8 | Th | 8:30am–3:30pm  Ages 50–Above | $65 | 1 day
                                                                               ID#56723 | 6/22 | Th | 10am–5pm

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