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Seniors 50+ Programs

        TREE HOUSE POINT TOUR                                                   JULEFEST IN HISTORIC
        & GILMAN VILLAGE                                                        DOWNTOWN POULSBO
        Peace and tranquility are yours when                                    Join us this holiday season for a
        nature welcomes you just 30 minutes from                                Scandinavian Christmas Celebration &
        Seattle! Located in a beautiful forest beside                           Bazaar including arts, crafts, gifts, traditional
        the Raging River, Treehouse Point offers                                pea soup, and more in historic downtown
        a 1½ hour guided tour of 8 extraordinary                                Poulsbo . Traditional Folk dancing by the
        tree houses . Turn off the technology,                                  Leikarringen dancers will occur throughout
        escape from everyday stress, and come                                   the day’s events . Beginning at 4pm along
        enjoy a tour of the rejuvenating powers of                              the downtown waterfront, gather around
        the Pacific Northwest . Enjoy a late lunch                              for the Christmas tree lighting by Miss
        and afternoon shopping at Gilman Village .                              Poulsbo, the lighting of the bonfire, Lucia
        Shops, residing in structures preserved                                 Bride arriving by the Vikings and Santa
        from Issaquah’s historic past include: home                             Claus and Christmas carols to end the
        decor and accessories, kitchen, lifestyle,  BILL & MELINDA GATES        evening . Price includes transportation .
        fashion, jewelry and gifts . Price includes  FOUNDATION VISITOR CENTER  Age 50 + | $38 | 1 day
        transportation, admission fees, and    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation   ID#58295 | 12/ 2 | Sa | 11:30am–7:30pm
        group tour .
                                            Visitor Center is a public space where you
        Age 50 + | $49 | 1 day              can see and learn about the foundation’s
        ID#58442 | 11/ 8 | W | 10am–4:30pm  work and its efforts to help people around
                                            the world live healthy and productive
        VETERAN’S DAY SPECIAL               lives . You’ll find interactive exhibits and
        USS TURNER JOY, NAVAL               information that will tell compelling stories
        UNDERSEA MUSEUM                     of the work of their grantees and partners
        Veteran’s Day Special — USS Turner Joy,   blended with an optimistic experience that
        Naval Undersea Museum & the Puget   encourages both reflection and action,
                                            inspiring you to get involved . Price includes
        Sound Navy Museum
                                            transportation and admission fees
        Don’t miss this special Veteran’s Day   Age 50 + | $36 | 1 day
        Trip . We’re headed to Bremerton where   ID#58305 | 11/16 | Th | 10am–4pm
        we’ll tour the USS Turner Joy, the Naval
        Undersea Museum & the Puget Sound Navy   LA CONNER —SKAGIT VALLEY
        Museum . Price includes transportation and
        admission fees                      Join us for another day of fun and adventure
                                            as we head north .  We’ll be visiting  BURKE MUSEUM OF NATURAL
        Age 50 + | $38 | 1 day              the beautiful and historic little town of  HISTORY & CULTURE
        ID#58473 | 11/11 | Sa | 9am–5pm
                                            La Conner . Price includes transportation .
                                                                                The Burke Museum of Natural History
                                            Age 50 + | $32 | 1 day              and Culture was founded in 1885 . It is
                                            ID#58115 | 11/18 | Sa | 9am–5pm     the oldest public museum in Washington
                                                                                and was designated the State Museum
                                            BOEING FACTORY TOUR                 in 1899 . Its administration resides with
                                                                                the University of Washington College of
                                            Come with us to visit the largest building
                                            in the world . Whether you have been   Arts and Sciences . The Burke Museum is a
                                                                                research and collections-based museum
                                            before or not, visiting the Boeing plant   with 15-million objects (and counting!) in
                                            in Everett is an unbelievable experience .   their collection . The Burke serves many
                                            This structure covers an unbelievable
                                            98 acres, and is one of the more popular   audiences and communities, including
                                                                                Washington state residents; visitors to
                                            attractions in the State of Washington . Price   Seattle; K–20 educators and students;
                                            includes transportation, admission fees,   Indigenous and Pacific communities; and
                                            and group tour .
                                                                                researchers, scholars, and enthusiasts . Price
                                            Age 50 + | $45 | 1 day              includes transportation and admission fees .
                                            ID#58310 | 11/30 | Th | 8:30am–4pm
                                                                                Age 50 + | $38 | 1 day
                                                                                ID#58300 | 12/ 7 | Th | 9am–4pm

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