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Seniors 50+ Programs

        TREE HOUSE POINT TOUR                                                   JULEFEST IN HISTORIC
        & GILMAN VILLAGE                                                        DOWNTOWN POULSBO
        Peace and tranquility are yours when                                    Join us this holiday season for a
        nature welcomes you just 30 minutes from                                Scandinavian Christmas Celebration &
        Seattle! Located in a beautiful forest beside                           Bazaar including arts, crafts, gifts, traditional
        the Raging River, Treehouse Point offers                                pea soup, and more in historic downtown
        a 1½ hour guided tour of 8 extraordinary                                Poulsbo . Traditional Folk dancing by the
        tree houses . Turn off the technology,                                  Leikarringen dancers will occur throughout
        escape from everyday stress, and come                                   the day’s events . Beginning at 4pm along
        enjoy a tour of the rejuvenating powers of                              the downtown waterfront, gather around
        the Pacific Northwest . Enjoy a late lunch                              for the Christmas tree lighting by Miss
        and afternoon shopping at Gilman Village .                              Poulsbo, the lighting of the bonfire, Lucia
        Shops, residing in structures preserved                                 Bride arriving by the Vikings and Santa
        from Issaquah’s historic past include: home                             Claus and Christmas carols to end the
        decor and accessories, kitchen, lifestyle,  BILL & MELINDA GATES        evening . Price includes transportation .
        fashion, jewelry and gifts . Price includes  FOUNDATION VISITOR CENTER  Age 50 + | $38 | 1 day
        transportation, admission fees, and    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation   ID#58295 | 12/ 2 | Sa | 11:30am–7:30pm
        group tour .
                                            Visitor Center is a public space where you
        Age 50 + | $49 | 1 day              can see and learn about the foundation’s
        ID#58442 | 11/ 8 | W | 10am–4:30pm  work and its efforts to help people around
                                            the world live healthy and productive
        VETERAN’S DAY SPECIAL               lives . You’ll find interactive exhibits and
        USS TURNER JOY, NAVAL               information that will tell compelling stories
        UNDERSEA MUSEUM                     of the work of their grantees and partners
                                            blended with an optimistic experience that
        Veteran’s Day Special — USS Turner Joy,
        Naval Undersea Museum & the Puget   encourages both reflection and action,
                                            inspiring you to get involved . Price includes
        Sound Navy Museum
                                            transportation and admission fees
        Don’t miss this special Veteran’s Day   Age 50 + | $36 | 1 day
        Trip . We’re headed to Bremerton where   ID#58305 | 11/16 | Th | 10am–4pm
        we’ll tour the USS Turner Joy, the Naval
        Undersea Museum & the Puget Sound Navy   LA CONNER —SKAGIT VALLEY
        Museum . Price includes transportation and
        admission fees                      Join us for another day of fun and adventure
                                            as we head north .  We’ll be visiting  BURKE MUSEUM OF NATURAL
        Age 50 + | $38 | 1 day              the beautiful and historic little town of  HISTORY & CULTURE
        ID#58473 | 11/11 | Sa | 9am–5pm
                                            La Conner . Price includes transportation .
                                                                                The Burke Museum of Natural History
                                            Age 50 + | $32 | 1 day              and Culture was founded in 1885 . It is
                                            ID#58115 | 11/18 | Sa | 9am–5pm     the oldest public museum in Washington
                                                                                and was designated the State Museum
                                            BOEING FACTORY TOUR                 in 1899 . Its administration resides with
                                                                                the University of Washington College of
                                            Come with us to visit the largest building
                                            in the world . Whether you have been   Arts and Sciences . The Burke Museum is a
                                                                                research and collections-based museum
                                            before or not, visiting the Boeing plant   with 15-million objects (and counting!) in
                                            in Everett is an unbelievable experience .   their collection . The Burke serves many
                                            This structure covers an unbelievable   audiences and communities, including
                                            98 acres, and is one of the more popular   Washington state residents; visitors to
                                            attractions in the State of Washington . Price   Seattle; K–20 educators and students;
                                            includes transportation, admission fees,   Indigenous and Pacific communities; and
                                            and group tour .
                                                                                researchers, scholars, and enthusiasts . Price
                                            Age 50 + | $45 | 1 day              includes transportation and admission fees .
                                            ID#58310 | 11/30 | Th | 8:30am–4pm
                                                                                Age 50 + | $38 | 1 day
                                                                                ID#58300 | 12/ 7 | Th | 9am–4pm

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