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Seniors 50+ Programs

       SENIOR SERVICES                     10am–12pm in our senior lounge . There is   BREATH, BODY & BALANCE
                                           a $2 drop-in fee per class .
       Drop-In Activities                  DROP-IN QIGONG                      Find out how the breath, body, and balance
                                                                               are connected through gentle joint warm-
       NEW ACTIVITIES                      Join us every Friday from 8:30–9:30am   up exercises, tai chi, and qigong (breathing
                                                                               exercises) . This class will teach tai chi basics
                                           for Qigong . Qigong literally translates to
       Are you interested in joining other seniors                             as well as the 8-Yang form . Please wear
       to play, cribbage, chess, or billiards at the   “energy exercise” and has been used in   loose, comfortable clothing .
                                           China for many years to regulate the body’s
       Federal Way Community Center? Please   energy flow and promote healing . This class   All Ages | $98 | 14 wk(s)
       call us at 253-835-6925 to discuss these   will teach basic breathing exercises to help   ID#57985 | 9/13–12/20 | W | 8:30–9:30am
       programs and any other new programs you
       might be interested in .            circulate your body’s energy and help with   FWCC, Instr: Hansie Wong
                                           relaxation . Please wear loose, comfortable
       SOCIAL BRIDGE FOR BEGINNERS         clothing . There is a $2 drop-in fee per class .  TAI CHI FOR HEALTH

       If you’ve never played Bridge before and  DROP-IN TAI CHI               Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese system of non-
                                                                               strenuous movements that focus the mind
       would like to, this is the place for you . Join
       us Wednesdays from 12:30–4:00pm at   Join us every Wednesday from 1:00–2:00pm   while conditioning the body . Regardless of
                                                                               age or physical ability, practicing Tai Chi can
                                           for some Tai Chi . There is no instruction
       Federal Way Community Center . There is a   during these drop-in sessions . There is a $2   improve balance and coordination, increase
       $2 drop-in fee per class .
                                           drop-in fee per class .             energy and stamina, reduce stress, calm the
       DUPLICATE BRIDGE PLAYER’S           OPEN PICKLEBALL FOR SENIORS         mind and improve overall health . Loose,
                                                                               comfortable clothing is recommended .
       GROUP WITH LESSONS                                                      Register early, at least one week prior to
       Join us Monday afternoons from 12:15pm–  Played in doubles format, this exciting   class start date to ensure a space and avoid
                                           paddle sport is a mixture of tennis,
       4:00pm for intermediate and above skill   badminton and ping pong . There is a   class cancellations .
       levels . Lessons start promptly at 12:30pm   $3 drop-in fee per class or you may pay  Therapeutic Tai Chi
       followed by games at 1:00pm . An
       experienced director and teacher will be   the trimester fee . Monday–Thursday   This class teaches a simplified set of 8 forms
                                                                               for those looking to work on balance and
                                           7am–12pm . From 7am–9am we will
       here to teach and facilitate play . Everyone is   have competitive challenge courts for   coordination skills in a tai chi context .
       welcome . There is a $2 drop-in fee per class .
                                           competitive players and from 9am–12pm   The CDC has recognized this simplified
       BEGINNING LINE DANCING              we will have open play courts available for   set as proven for preventing falls . Loose
                                           all levels of play . On Wednesdays from 9am–  comfortable clothing is recommended .
       Join us on Mondays and Thursdays from   10am we will have instructional sessions   All Ages | $63 | 14 wk(s)
       1–2:30pm to learn the basics of line dancing .   for newcomers that will cover the basic   ID#58019 | 9/12–12/19 | Tu | 4:30–5pm
       Don’t miss your chance to get some exercise   strategies and fundamentals of pickleball .  FWCC, Instr: Elaine Welty
       and meet some new people . Everyone is
       welcome . Please wear comfortable shoes .   Pickleball Trimester Fee    Beginner Tai Chi
                                           Age 50 + | $120 | 16 wk(s)
       There is a $1 drop in fee per class .                                   This class will teach the traditional Yang
                                           ID#58016 | 9/11–12/28 | M–Th | 6:30am–12pm  style short/24 form set . To complete all
       BOOK CLUB                           Health & Fitness                    24 forms requires 12 to 15 classes . Loose
       Join us every Friday in our senior lounge                               comfortable clothing is recommended .
       from 3:30pm–5:00pm for tea or coffee as  YOGA FOR SENIORS               All Ages | $126 | 14 wk(s)
       we discuss different books . There is a $1   Yoga has many health benefits for people   ID#58017 | 9/12–12/19 | Tu | 6–7pm
       drop-in fee per class .                                                 FWCC, Instr: Elaine Welty
                                           of all ages . This is a Gentle Yoga class that
       BINGO                               is respectful of our joints, emphasizing   Intermediate Tai Chi Class
                                           safety and comfort, yet challenges us to   This class is a follow on to the beginner
       Join us on Mondays from 10:00am–12pm   stretch and strengthen . The class offers a   class . It is intended for those that have
       in our senior lounge for some Bingo . All   range of poses appropriate for beginners   learned all 24 forms of the Yang style short
       seniors are welcome! $1 for every four cards .  and challenging enough for those who   form set, and seek the benefit of group
                                           have some experience with yoga . People   practice and further discussion .
       MEMOIR/CREATIVE WRITING             with medical conditions are encouraged to
                                           check with their health care provider to be   All Ages | $126 | 14 wk(s)
       Become inspired and supported as you   sure this activity is safe for their situation .  ID#58022 | 9/12–12/19 | Tu | 5–6pm
       discover the wealth of material you have in                             FWCC, Instr: Elaine Welty
       your own life and memories . Find meaning   All Ages | $91 | 14 wk(s)
       from your experiences, and capture it   ID#57983 | 9/15–12/22 | F | 1:30–2:30pm
       in writing . Join us on Tuesdays from   FWCC, Instr: Linda Sims
        Registration Line • 253-835-6916 | • 253-835-6900  Parks & Rec. Program Guide | FALL 2017  5
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