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Seniors 50+ Programs

       16TH ANNUAL DUNGENESS                                                   CAPITOL BUILDING TOUR
       CRAB & SEAFOOD FESTIVAL                                                 & GOVERNOR’S EXECUTIVE
       “Crabfest” one of the most acclaimed food                               MANSION
       festivals in the country, celebrates not only                           We’ll begin with a tour of the Olympia
       the aquaculture, agriculture and maritime                               Capitol & Legislative building .  The
       traditions of the breath-taking Olympic                                 Legislative Building is the crowning piece
       Peninsula but brings food, art, music, Native                           of Washington State Capitol Campus
       American activities, and children’s events                              and is home to the Washington State
       into one spectacular event for everyone!                                Legislature and the office of the Governor,
       Located on the gorgeous Port Angeles,                                   Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State,
       the event celebrates the world-famous                                   and State Treasurer . Completed in 1928,
       Dungeness Crab, named after the nearby                                  it boasts one of the tallest free standing
       village of Dungeness and the bounty of                                  masonry domes in the world and houses
       the sea . Featuring 14 restaurants, cooking                             the largest chandelier ever made by the
       demonstrations with celebrity chefs,   OKTOBERFEST IN LEAVENWORTH       Tiffany Lighting Company . The tour of the
       chowder cook-off, the Grab-A-Crab Derby,                                Legislative Building includes the North
       local wine tasting, crafts, music and more!   It’s time to see this forever lovely Bavarian   Foyer, Rotunda, State Reception Room,
       Price includes transportation .     style town again . We’ll see some great   and Legislative Galleries . After our tour
                                           views as we go through the mountain   we will grab a bite to eat at Falls Terrace
       Age 50 + | $38 | 1 day
       ID#58294 | 10/ 7 | Sa | 8am–6pm     pass . We’ll visit some surrounding areas   Restaurant overlooking the beautiful
                                           for other adventures too . Price includes   Tumwater Falls . Our trip will end with a tour
       FALL FOLIAGE                        transportation .                    of the Executive Mansion . The Governor’s
                                                                               Mansion overlooks Capitol Lake and the
       SNOQUALMIE FALLS &                  Age 50 + | $42 | 1 day              Olympic Mountains . The Georgian Style
       BRUNCH AT SALISH LODGE              ID#58464 | 10/14 | Sa | 8am–6:30pm  Mansion Built in 1908 . *ID IS REQUIRED
       Snoqualmie Falls is one of Washington   OUTBACK KANGAROO FARM           FOR TOUR . Price includes transportation
       State’s most popular scenic attractions .                               and group tours .
       At the falls, you will find a two-acre park,   & SEATTLE PREMIUM        Age 50 + | $38 | 1 day
       hiking trail, observation deck, gift shop,   Tour and cuddle with some furry creatures   ID#58317 | 10/25 | W | 9am–4pm
       and the famous 270 foot waterfall . We   at the famous Outback Kangaroo Farm .
       will enjoy brunch at the Salish Lodge,   Featured is the Outback’s menagerie of   HALLOWEEN MYSTERY TRIP
       built around the original 1916 fireplace   furry and feathered residents, including:
       combining northwest character and casual   Kangaroos, Wallabies, Wallaroos, Llamas,   Isn’t it fun to go somewhere when it’s
       elegance for a unique dining experience .   Lemurs, Alpaca, Pygmy Goats, Peacocks,   a surprise? Come on out for our annual
       Be prepared for moderate walking . Price   Ostrich, Mini Donkey, Parrot, Emu and   Halloween mystery trip and see what’s in
       includes transportation and lunch .  more . After our tour we will stop for lunch   store for you . Price includes transportation
                                           and shopping at the Seattle Premium   and admission fees .
       Age 50 + | $65 | 1 day              Outlet Mall . Price includes transportation
       ID#58161 | 10/12 | Th | 9:30am–4pm                                      Age 50 + | $38 | 1 day
                                           and admission fees .
                                                                               ID#58297 | 10/28 | Sa | 9am–4pm
                                           Age 50 + | $45 | 1 day
                                           ID#58461 | 10/19 | Th | 8am–5pm     VASHON ISLAND
                                           NORTHWEST TREK                      Join us as we head over to Vashon Island for
                                                                               a day of adventure and fun . We’ll explore
                                           One of the region’s biggest attractions,   the entire island with a stop for lunch at the
                                           this 600 acre wildlife park is always a   famous Hardware Store . We’ll take the ferry
                                           treat to visit . We’ll see moose, mountain   over from West Seattle and return home
                                           goats and many more animals riding the   through Pt . Defiance .
                                           tram and walking the park . We’ll get to   Price includes transportation and ferry toll.
                                           experience the fall foliage as we drive to
                                           this location, what sights we’ll see . Price   Age 50 + | $42 | 1 day
                                           includes transportation and admission fees .  ID#58449 | 11/ 4 | Sa | 9am–5pm
                                           Age 50 + | $45 | 1 day
                                           ID#58321 | 10/21 | Sa | 9am–4pm

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