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Seniors 50+ Programs

         NEW   OPTUM MEMBERSHIP             SILVERSNEAKERS MEMBERSHIP           chef is great and always welcoming  For
                                                                                participants over 62 years of age there
        This new program offers a free membership   The Federal Way Community Center is
        to eligible seniors on Medicare with a   an eligible sight for SilverSneakers  This   is a $3 suggested donation  For all other
                                                                                participants under 62 years of age a charge
        supplemental insurance plan with United   gives adults 65+ on Medicare with the   of $5 75 is required
        Health Care  To see if you qualify, please   following supplemental health plans a free
        contact the customer service# on the   membership to the facility  Health Alliance,   KOREAN ELDER LUNCH PROGRAM
        back of your supplemental insurance card    Premera Blue Cross, Aetna-National,
        You must have a confirmation number   Columbia Community Care, Essence, Group   Traditional Korean meals are served every
        to register for membership  An OPTUM   Health Cooperative, Humana, Spokane   Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm  The
        membership gives you access to the entire   Community Care and WellPoint-National    suggested donation is $3  In addition to the
        Federal Way Community Center and all   Please keep in mind that there are several   lunch program the Evergreen Club provides
        group fitness classes  Ready to get started?   types of supplemental insurances and not   supportive services to Korean seniors to
        Get that confirmation# and bring it into the   all plans qualify  Membership includes   help sustain them in the community
        FWCC  It’s that simple!             access to all classes and amenities (group   English as a second language, social work,
                                            fitness and water fitness classes, climbing   socialization activities, and more
        ACTIVE & FIT                        pinnacle, gymnasium, fitness equipment,
                                            indoor track, lap pools, steam room, sauna  MEALS ON WHEELS PROGRAM
        The Federal Way Community Center is an   and hot tub)  Inquire today by contacting
        eligible sight for Active & Fit  This gives adults   the customer service # on the back of your   Frozen home-delivered meals are
        with insurances associated with American   supplemental insurance card to see if you   available for persons age 60 and older who
        Specialty Health a free membership to the   qualify  Other questions? Contact the FWCC   are unable to leave their home or have
        Community Center  Membership includes   at 253-835-6900                 difficulty shopping or preparing nutritious
        access to most classes and amenities (group                             meals  The suggested donation per meal is
        fitness and water fitness classes, climbing   Specialty Classes         $3  No eligible participant will be denied
        pinnacle, fitness equipment indoor track,                               meals if unable to make a contribution
        lap pools, steam room, sauna and hot tub)    AARP DRIVER SAFETY PROGRAM  Liquid nutritional supplements such as
        Inquire today by contacting the FWCC at                                 Ensure and Ensure Plus are also available
        253-835-6949 or emailing david clemons@  AARP offers this eight hour course on   through the program  Call 253-835-6903
        cityoffederalway com                driving for adults age 50 and above  All work   for information
                                            will be in a classroom setting  Participants
        SILVER & FIT MEMBERSHIP             who complete the course will receive a 2–3  Special Services
                                            year certification  Present the certification
        The Federal Way Community Center is an   to your insurance company and receive a  SENIOR RIGHTS ASSISTANCE
        eligible sight for Silver & Fit  This gives adults   discount  There will be a $20 material fee for
        65+ on Medicare with certain supplemental                               The second Tuesday of each month a
        insurances associated with American Specialty   non AARP members and a $15 material fee   trained volunteer from Senior Rights
                                            for members, payable to the instructor on
        Health a free membership to the Community                               Assistance is available by appointment
        Center  Membership includes access to most   the first day of class Register early; at least   to discuss Durable Powers of Attorney,
                                            one week prior to class start date to insure
        classes and amenities (group fitness and                                Advance Directives for Health Care (Living
        water fitness classes, climbing pinnacle,   a space  Min  12, max  20   Wills) and the basic concept of Wills, Living
        gymnasium, fitness equipment, indoor  AARP Driver Safety                Trusts, Community Property Agreements
        track, lap pools, steam room, sauna and hot   Age 50+ | 2 day(s)        and Probate  Please call 253-835-6925 for
        tub)  Inquire today by calling the customer   ID#60953 | 5/15–5/16 | Tu–W | 9am–1pm  an appointment
        service# on the back of your supplemental   Age 50+ | 2 day(s)
        insurance card to see if you qualify  Other                             SHIBA — STATEWIDE HEALTH
        questions? Call the FWCC at 253-835-6900   ID#60954 | 6/19–6/20 | Tu–W | 9am–1pm  INSURANCE BENEFITS ADVISORS
                                            Age 50+ | 2 day(s)
        SILVERSNEAKERS CLASSIC              ID#60955 | 7/17–7/18 | Tu–W | 9am–1pm  Do you need help understanding your
                                                                                Medicare options? A SHIBA volunteer
        SilverSneakers Classic is a universal class   Age 50+ | 2 day(s)        is available by appointment the second
        designed to improve agility, balance,   ID#60956 | 8/22 | W | 9am–1pm   Tuesday of each month  Please call
        coordination and activities for daily living                            253-835-6925 for an appointment
        skills to increase participants’ functional  Nutrition
        capacities  Designed for ages 65+ but                                   FINANCIAL ADVICE
        everyone is welcome  Get an up to date  HOT LUNCH PROGRAM               John Bailey, Certified Financial Planner
        schedule at: http://itallhappenshere org/  Please stop in and join us for an authentic   is available for seniors by appointment
        classes html  Classes are currently offered
        T/TH at 10:20am                     Latino meal on Fridays at 12pm  Our   on the first Wednesday of each month

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