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Seniors 50+ Programs

       PIRATE DAZE                         PORT ANGELES
                                                                               There is much to see and explore in this town
       Westport is located at the mouth of Grays   Join us for a day of adventure and fun! Named   and the surrounding area  Our adventure
       Harbor on the southernmost peninsula   for its intense gales and winds Hurricane   will be to see and do as much as possible
       known as Point Chehalis  Today, Westport   Ridge is a great spot to view the Olympic   in the time we have on this great island
       with a population a little over 2,000 still   Mountains  At an elevation of about 5,200   We’ll have plenty of time to explore and
       relies on fishing, shellfish harvesting,   feet you’ll feel like you can see the whole   have lunch at one of the local restaurants
       seafood processing and tourism for much   peninsula  After taking in some breath taking   The ferry ride in itself is an adventure  Price
       of its livelihood  More recently, boat   views we’ll spend the rest of our time in Port   transportation and ferry ride
       building has also become an important   Angeles  Price includes transportation
       part of Westport’s economic base  During   Age 50+ | $38                Age 50+ | $42
                                                                               ID#61318 | 7/19 | Th | 8am–6pm
       Westport Pirate Daze, rival pirates invade   ID#61329 | 7/7 | Sa | 8am–6pm
       Westport for a weekend of fun, food and                                 SEQUIM LAVENDER FESTIVAL
       frivolity  Dress up in your “Pirate Finery”   SEATTLE ARGOSY LOCKS CRUISE
       and shop, dance, interact and enjoy the                                 Don’t miss this trip as we head to Sequim to
       mystique of Rusty Scupper and his bawdy   Don’t miss this 2½ hour adventure  The cruise   enjoy one of the best festivals around  The
       band of buccaneers! Price includes trip   connects the salt water of Puget Sound and   Sequim Lavender festival includes tours of
       management and transportation       the fresh water of Lake Union via the Hiram   the many lavender fields, demonstrations,
                                           Chittenden Locks  Enjoy live narration of   a street fair, and much, much more  Price
       Age 50+ | $38
       ID#61310 | 6/23 | Sa | 9am–6pm      Seattle’s history, while viewing the historic   transportation and admissions
                                           waterfront  View the spectacular city skyline   Friday Option
       WHISTLING JACK’S                    one of the world’s largest shipping terminals,   Age 30yrs+ | $44
                                           the majestic Cascade and Olympic mountain
       & OAK CREEK WILDLIFE REFUGE                                             ID#61312 | 7/20 | F | 8am–6pm
                                           ranges and the “Sleepless in Seattle”
       Join us as we travel over Chinook Pass to   houseboat community  Lunch is on your   Sunday Option
       Whistling Jack’s and the Oak Creek Wildlife   own  Price includes transportation and   Age 30yrs+ | $44
       Refuge  Oak Creek is home to over 3,000   Cruise admissions             ID#61330 | 7/22 | Su | 8am–6pm
       elk that rome and feed on the 94,000 acre   Age 50+ | $62
       refuge  We’ll make a quick stop for lunch   ID#61354 | 7/12 | Th | 9am–5pm  LONG BEACH —SANDSATIONS
       before heading back home  Price includes
       transportation                                                          We’re headed to Long Beach for Sandsations,
                                           MT  RAINIER, SUNRISE &              a sandcastle competition and sculpting
       Age 50+ | $38                       `ROUND THE MOUNTAIN                 contest  We’ll shop and see the sites, all in
       ID#61042 | 6/28 | Th | 8am–6pm                                          view of the Pacific Ocean  You’ll be amazed
                                           Around the mountain we will go starting   by the wide array of kites (this is the kite
       PORT TOWNSEND FARMERS               with the Sunrise route to Ohanapecosh,   flying capital of Washington)  We will also
                                           then onto Paradise  Mt  Rainier has
       MARKET & DOWNTOWN                   wondrous views and refreshing alpine   have a chance to explore the longest
       Enjoy a leisurely day exploring historic   vistas  Be sure to bring the camera on this   shoreline unique to many galleries and gift
       Port Townsend and its charm, maritime   outdoor adventure  Lunch will be at Sunrise   shops  Dress for windy weather! Lunch is
                                                                               on your own  Price includes transportation
       heritage, and stunning natural setting  In   snack bar on your own  Don’t forget to
       the afternoon before departing home, we   bring your Golden age pass  Price includes   Age 50+ | $38
       will stop at one of the largest small town   park fees and transportation   ID#61311 | 7/21 | Sa | 8am–6pm
       markets in the nation, where you will find   Age 50+ | $38
       an amazing array of local produce, from   ID#61296 | 7/14 | Sa | 8am–6pm
       artichokes and arugula in the spring to
       berries, flowers, tomatoes and zucchini   VASHON ISLAND
       brought to the market by local growers
       from primarily Jefferson and Clallam   Join us as we head over to Vashon Island for
       County  Over 70 vendors each week; 40   a day of adventure and fun  We’ll explore
       farms, 4 artisan cheese makers, 3 ciders,   the entire island with a stop for lunch at the
       artisan bakers, espresso and coffee, herbal   famous Hardware Store  We’ll take the ferry
       salves, soaps, arts and crafts, music and   over from West Seattle and return home
       more! Price includes transportation and    through Pt  Defiance
       trip management
                                           Age 50+ | $42
       Age 50+ | $38                       ID#61348 | 7/18 | W | 9am–5pm
       ID#61323 | 6/30 | Sa | 8am–5pm

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